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Kenneth’s success comes from his drive to learn and he considers this a continual process. His relentless curiosity aids his work as a sales professional. He prioritizes others above his own self, transcending that which meets the eye. He is able to delve into what the customers want and what problems they are facing and then meets these challenges with sincere enthusiasm. The amalgamation of the two propels him to find solutions that mutually benefit the customer and the company.  He finds this satisfaction of his curiosity as a reward in itself. 

Along with this personal reward, Kenneth is the proud bearer of professional recognition as well. He was awarded District of the year in 2013 and 2016, a competitive win as just one district is awarded this title amidst a total of 31. He consistently outdid targeted sales goals by 15% for 180 months consecutively and successfully managed $2.3M in sales.

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Despite the tangible success he has achieved, Kenneth is a staunch believer that failure without loss of enthusiasm is a success as well. His determination is truly remarkable and establishes the belief that he is able to drag an organization from the hardest of times. Working at sanitation Food Safety Consultants, he lucratively performs audits and devises improved solutions, resulting in savings of $1M+ for a beverage manufacturer, owing to his innovative advice and ideas on how to restore operations on a line to his impressive grasp on how the supply chain works.

What gives Kenneth an edge is that even in the competitive world of sales, Kenneth’s human side shines through. Instead of coming across as a wholly robotic, number-driven person, Kenneth’s warm nature, positivity, and interest in art and photography define him as well. He loves challenges and capturing fleeting moments. This personal side of him is reflective in his professional conduct where he takes on every project with a determination to drive it to completion with a flourish.

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Kenneth is associated with a number of recognized professional organizations including American Chemical Society and Environment Illinois which speak volumes of his commitment to the Earth and its people. While being a result oriented professional in his work, he is also a deeply conscientious and socially aware individual.    

Today, Kenneth stands as a wonderful blend of his prestigious education, learning experience and most importantly his perseverance through it all. He humbly accepts the recognition as a young and brilliant salesperson who has not only achieved and exceeded many professional goals but also won the hearts of many people, a greater accomplishment than anything else.  

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“True leaders, in short, do not make people into followers, but into other leaders.”

― John Holt

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