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Customer References: Welcome

The following is a list of references of people I’ve successfully worked with in the past. Not only were these individuals amazing to work with, but they’ve been kind enough to let me include their contact information on my page. For information about a specific project or role I’ve held in the past, feel free to get in touch with anyone listed below.

Customer References: Testimonial
Jeff Myers.jpg

As the Sanitation Manager for Ferrara Candy Company I had a close relationship with Ken. I valued his expertise, ability to train my large team when requested, and his ever lasting curiosity on how to improve operations. I observed Ken correct my CIP system and reduce the cleaning time by 50%. This was a large cost savings for my team. Upon my promotion, my responsibility grew and Ken also grew with me. I took his ability to follow through on projects I didn't have the time to spend on. This allowed for the installation of a tray wash machine and an intelligent decision to reconsider sanitizers for our organic process. I not only believe in Ken, I trust his knowledge. He's a truly remarkable person with a heart of gold. His commitment to safety, excellence, and the improvement of my facility was appreciated greatly. I value Ken's friendship now in life and seek his opinion often. His passion is something we can all learn from and his ability to deliver results gave my peace of mind.

Jeffrey Meyers
June 24, 2017


I’m very pleased to recommend Ken for any position he applies for. While Ken was an Ecolab Account Manager, he was in charge of Weber's account. He was very knowledge of the product line and helped us find the cleaning/sanitation supplies that suited our needs. Not only was he quick with orders we placed, he also was very helpful when we ran into problems with our sanitation systems. He was very quick about getting back to us if when we emailed the problems to him and if he could not guide us through email, he would schedule a visit that week. 

Ken is very dedicated to his work, but also to his clients. While working with him, he made us feel like family. He really took the time to get to know us and our company. I was an honor to have worked with Ken.

Please feel free to contact me if you need anymore information.

Kyle Muelhausen
April 4, 2017

Norvell Barbour.jpg

Ken was my account manager and was always very attentive and a knowledgeable resource. He routinely made me aware of new advancements and looked for opportunities were he could add value to our team.

Working to accommodate our needs regardless of the hour, he was rapid to respond with solutions. Ken is a true professional and a great business partner which complements any team.

Norvell Barbour
March 13, 2017

Joe Rice.jpg

Dependable and knows his business is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Ken. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ken for 5 plus years, during which he has never let me or Coca-Cola down with any service we needed, day or night....literally. Above all, I was impressed with Ken’s ability to service exactly what we needed and cut out all the excess sales pitches to try to sell us on services we did not really need. It's very rear to find a stand up person such as Ken. And, of course, his knowledge of the trade. Ken would be a true asset for any positions requiring a technical sales position and comes with my heartfelt recommendation

Joseph Rice
February 24, 2017

Jeff Myers.jpg

Ken has been a pleasure to work with. He's responsive to my multiple inquiries a week, accountable for his responsibilities, and a joy to be around. Ken is intelligent and genuinely curious which has made for a long lasting relationship. He's a fun guy at and outside of the workplace. Highly recommend Ken; his service to me and his friendship I will value for life.

Jeffrey Meyers
February 11, 2017

ervin olson.jpg

Ken is very dependable when things just don't go right. He steps in and solves any problems that come up. I have been working with Ken for two years . I recommend Ecolab, to any company that is looking for great service & products.

Ervin Olson
December 2, 2016

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Customer References: Quote
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