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Past and Present

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Entrepreneurial spirited; 100% customer retention in over 7+ years in B2B sales. In these roles, I was able to increase sales by more than 15% annually by listening to and understanding customer needs.  I am a charismatic lifelong learner, who enjoys learning about customers and solving their problems.

By critically evaluating processes with an open mind and implementing creative solutions I have provided customers with over $1,000,000 in operational savings.  Through innovation I was able to save customers 108M gallons of water, 52,000 DTH of natural gas, and over 2,300,000 KW h in electricity. During this time, I managed to accumulate 36+ months and 4500+ hours of project management experience required for Project Management Professional certification.

I have experience in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive manufacturing industries. Working in conjunction with Nalco, I received exposure to water and boiler care treatment. I have also spent 300+ hours performing clinical research and volunteer work at Henry Ford hospital and became familiar with the healthcare industry.

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